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The Pretender Collab

Posted by flashfrog - March 25th, 2008

You're here for the voting? Go to post before this one.

On the BBS: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/99 1605

Hey there,

Welcome to The Pretender Collab. I'm Flashfrog and this is my first collab. It's a collab with the song The Pretender by Foo Fighters. Listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKhnmUd mz74. Credit for the part cutting goes to Yhtomit. All a very good luck with making the parts.
Download the parts here: http://www.yuntaa.com/shares/PublicFil es.aspx?FileType=FOLDER&AlbumId=49184A 71E3A160D9E040A8C0030206F1


2. Obey the specifications given.
3. No own sounds
4. No sprites
5. No sticks
6. Keep in touch with the collab
7. If you are dropping out you must have a good reason too do so.
8. If you do not obey the specs and you make a part, you must create a new one no questions asked.
9. You must include a signature at the bottom right of your part.


Framerate - 21 fps
Stage size - 400x 300 pixels
Background colour - white
Deadline - When the parts are done


: BBS sig: loogiesquared - finished
Preloader: Flash-Creature
Menu: Flash-Creature
: Part 1: Flashfrog - finished
Part 2:
: Part 3: Flashfrog - finished
: Part 4: Hikui-Hito - finished
: Part 5: Hikui-Hito - finished
: Part 6: Hikui-Hito - finished
: Part 7: Nuttro - finished
: Part 8: Hikui-Hito - finished
: Part 9: Hikui-Hito - finished
: Part 10: Hikui-Hito - finished
: Part 11: SkySausage - finished
: Part 12: ScrewedComedy - finished
: Part 13: Nuttro - finished
: Part 14: MarsYam - finished
: Part 15: SwordfishSpike - finished
: Part 16: Fim - finished
: Part 17: ShinsukeIto - finished
Part 18: This-Is-Freedom
Part 19: This-Is-Freedom
Part 20: This-Is-Freedom
Part 21: This-Is-Freedom
: Part 22: thekiwi - finished
Part 23:
: Part 24: NekoLynx - finished
: Part 25: SwordfishSpike - finished
: Part 26: CobaltChloride - finished
: Part 27: CobaltChloride - finished
: Part 28: Nuttro - finished
Part 29: ixintro
Part 30: b0em
Credits: Flashfrog

Comments (19)

Part 7 and part 13 at my will please (if they arnt taken of course) maybe more if I can be bothered...

1. what version of flash does it need to be compadable with?
2. why no sprites?

3. by sprites do you mean moving pictures, library items or...
4. How will I send it to you? My MSN is nuttro93@hotmail.com

3. look in the forum
4. I've add you on msn ;)

part 2 (am i the only one whos been commenting)

hat-man told me earlier on devianart i just forgot it

mister flashfrog, is it ok if i do parts 6 and 8?

also, my msn: smiffy9000@msn.com

I've add you ;)

ill pm you part 7


Hey :D

everybodys taking there time about it aint they

They are..... I think

still no one for the preloader? if no one does it we would have to use one of the NG pre made pre-loaders

`We have still lots of time to find someone.

This thing will most likely be AWESOME.

I know :D

you should be proud to have me in your collab, lemme see your proud face

:D (how's this?)

lovely :D

you changed your dp

O noes O_o

mark part 13 as finished, i sent you a pm with the fla. file in it

hi hows the collab going man?

Wow, your page seems timeless, nothing has changed much since I last checked all so long ago.

I agree

when is this collab done ???????

is this collab done soon????